De-stressing in the New Year

The New Year is the traditional time for us to set about revitalising our lives – engaging in a little post-Christmas pre-Spring cleaning, detoxing after a season of indulgence and resolving to make changes for the year ahead.

This is a time we often spend identifying the negatives in our lives and resolving to do better in those areas. However, it’s important to remember that self-improvement should be balanced with self-care. The changes we make in the New Year shouldn’t just focus on reducing our clutter or our waistlines, but on shrinking our stress-levels too.


Aromatherapy is an excellent, easy means of introducing a calming influence into your routine. A practice dating far back into our history, aromatherapy uses the therapeutic powers of fragrance to promote wellbeing and stimulate the senses. Drawing its power from natural essential oils, depending on the fragrances in each blend aromatherapy can be used to improve relaxation, concentration or mood.

With an amora Scent Hub, it’s easy to enjoy aromatherapy at home, when it best suits you. Combining technology with pure and natural essential oils, Scent Hubs provide an aromatherapy experience adapted to a busy modern lifestyle.




Today is National Stress Awareness Day, an important event which brings awareness to the stress we face in our daily lives as well as providing an opportunity for people to share experiences and tips for relieving stress.


While feeling stressed is a natural and sometimes helpful occurrence, prolonged periods of stress can have negative effects on both our physical and mental health. There are many ways to relax and help yourself de-stress, from warm baths to long walks to catching up with friends, and it’s helpful to find a method that works for you.


One method of encouraging relaxation and stress relief is through aromatherapy, which utilises therapeutic essential oils to influence mood and mind-set. Many essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile and geranium are seen as beneficial in de-stressing.


It’s easy to experience aromatherapy within the comfort of your own home with an amora Scent Hub and our relaxing pure essential oil blends ‘Relax Me’ and ‘Calm Me Down’.

Hygge for your home

The Danish concept of hygge – based around ideas of comfort, cosiness and cheerfulness – has taken the world by storm this year. Now that the winter months are quickly approaching this cosy trend is increasing even more in popularity with more and more people striving to create an aura of Nordic comfort in their homes. However, the craze for hygge also shows how eager we are for a solution to the stresses of modern living, something hygge promises to provide.

Hygge has been a key influence on interior design trends towards a neutral, minimalist home aesthetic which incorporates natural materials. Another element of hygge’s design influence is its emphasis on warm ambient lighting, an effect achieved through candlelight or lamps.

Here’s how an amora Scent Hub can help add some of the warm, cheerful atmosphere of hygge to your home.

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Keeping your home fresh

During the colder months we often end up sacrificing important things like freshness in our homes in order to keep them warm. Often in the winter our homes can become dry and musty from a lack of fresh air. However, using an amora™ Scent Hub in your home can help dispel these negative effects, leaving your home both cosy and beautifully fresh.

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Simple Ways to Increase Your Productivity

One of the major stresses of modern life is the need to increase our productivity both at work and at home as we struggle to catch up with all the tasks that need our attention. Often we cope with this problem by creating further stress for ourselves, worrying about how much we have yet to do, drinking endless amounts of coffee and energy drinks to stay hyperactively working, or forcing ourselves to stay working later and later to achieve more things. Instead of adding to the stress of a mounting to do list, here are some simple, easy ways to help increase your productivity, many of which will help calm you down too.

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Cleanse Your Home with amora™

Harmonia Green PortraitThe bank holiday weekend is a great time to get on top of the house work that may have been piling up, whether that means having a good old clear out or opting for a total overhaul. As you’re refreshing you home, don’t forget to also cleanse the air in your living space! You can use your amora™ Scent Hub to rid your home of airborne bacteria and undesirable odours, surrounding you and your family with the healthier, blissfully fragrant air you desire.

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Take a Spa Staycation!

Spa breaks are undeniably a luxury we would all like to be able to treat ourselves to, but unfortunately with this luxury usually comes a hefty price tag! Treating yourself to some much-needed time off alongside a whole lot of pampering needn’t break the bank, you can still enjoy a spa break in the comfort of your own home by scheduling some time off and indulging in a little spa staycation!

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