Welcome to the world of amora™

At amora™ we believe you deserve a break. Whilst we’d all love to escape to a spa retreat every once in a while, or, you know, permanently, time constraints and budgets team up to make this impossible. So we want to help you create a sanctuary in your own home where you can take as long as you have to chill out, or energise, or just unwind for a much-needed night’s sleep!

We’re not suggesting that rather than visit a spa retreat you build one in your own home (don’t get us wrong, we think this would be a great idea, but again, time, budget, planning permission etc.). No, rather we’ve come up with a far more practical but wonderfully effective way to help you regenerate day-to-day, simply by harnessing the power of aromatherapy.

In brief, as you inhale, scent molecules travel through the nose and interact with the brain through the limbic system, otherwise known as the ‘emotional brain’. This part of the brain is connected to those parts that control memory, stress levels and hormone balance, which is why smells can trigger emotional responses and memories and also why we developed amora™.

amora™ was borne out of a desire to help you create a spa environment in your own home using 100% pure and natural essential oils to restore and relax both mind and body – no expensive spa retreat necessary.

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